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Here you can find all the latest new from the hotel itself, keep your eyes peeled because some news can mean big rewards for you, it could be money or it could be rares, who knows?


Hello! On behalf of all the staff team, I’d just like to say welcome to Spiral Hotel! Here at Spiral we will host ROTW just like any other hotel with awesome prizes to be won.
How to enter ROTW?
To enter rotw you must build a room, based on the theme given in the news articles. This weeks theme will be “Summer”. To enter your room please make sure your room name is as followed: ROTW #1 – Summer. This allows us to find everyone who has succesfully participated in each room of the week!
When does it end?
Starts Sunday 18th June – Ends Sunday 25th June
As it’s Spiral’s first room of the week, we will be giving out huge prizes such as the chance to win VIP.
First place – VIP rank, 50000 credits, 3 staff rares
Second place – 50000 credits, 3 staff rares
Third place – 20,000 credits, 3 staff rares

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​Good luck everyone! -Bawz